June 15, 2015

What we cooked last week:

Business convention for Bill

Friday – Shrimp, scallop and avocado ceviche / Grilled tuna with wine, lemon, olive oil sauce / oven-baked potatoes
Saturday – Grilled swordfish with wine, lemon and olive oil sauce
Sunday – Best Ever Tomato soup with BLTs

Last week was broken up by travel but I want mention one of the dishes we had the previous week at the shore: Adriatic Grilled shrimp, or, as Lynne Rosetto Kasper dubs it: Gamberetti dall’ Adriatico. Because you need this dish in your repertoire, especially if you are culturally Catholic and like to eat fish every Friday. (let me know and I’ll send the recipe along).   The dish, which includes a pile of parsley and finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes on top of the shrimp (which have marinated in the same for a few minutes) is an absolute knockout and is easy to make (especially if you splurge and buy shelled and deveined shrimp – but it will taste better if you take the time to shell and devein the shrimp yourself). We have been cooking this regularly for the last few years and no one has grown tired of it. (Note: the “grilling” called for here can be done in a grill pan over a stove, but I often use a plain skillet, which is a lot easier to clean.)

The life-changing event of this past week was the purchase of a Smokey Mountain Cooker (a smoking grill made by Weber) which, of course, the continuing rain has prevented my using. What, exactly, did Noah and the family eat on that ark? It had to be one of the worst cruises, food-wise, in the history of travel. Perhaps he consoled himself with the thought of a pulled-pork sandwich (remember, this was before Abraham and the dietary laws) when the damned rain had finally stopped and the wood had dried out enough to build a big fire.

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