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From Jan Sloman’s comments on the April 24, 2016 Post:

Thanks for introducing me/us to McClure’s spicy pickles … had them for the first time last night with some Don Julio Anejo tequila ( true nectar, btw). Magnificent …
A stinky cheese reccomendation– a blue from Wisconsin made from goat, sheep, and cow milk called — Ewe Calf to be Kidding. Get past the name ; if you like these kinds of cheeses you’ll really like this one. It’s made by Hook’s. We don’t have it here so I mail order it from a place called Fromagination in Madison, WI (608-255-2430).
It makes a great sauce for gnocchi. Put a little cream in a double boiler and once it’s warm add bits of the cheese until it’s a sauce. My wife and cardiologist both forbid it at this point but the memory lingers …

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