Merry Christmas

December 17 – December 23

Christmas Tree

This has been a week of much sadness, as well as great joy.  Our great friend Ambrose called us last Sunday to tell us that Maureen, his beautiful wife, had passed away the night before.    A breast cancer survivor, Maureen had struggled with Parkinson’s for some years – though never less than cheerfully, as befitted the author of How to Sing in the Rain with a Frog in Your Throat.  Although a bantam-weight, Maureen was one tough lady.  We can’t adequately express our sadness, but Ambrose expressed the joy of Maureen’s life in his eulogy at St. Bernard’s, yesterday.  And he and his daughters were surrounded by family and many friends.

Liz (their oldest daughter) and Ed (her spouse)  had moved to Pittsburgh and presented them with their first grandchild – Ambrose William.  If that doesn’t rival Christmas, I don’t know what does.

We, and many others, will miss Maureen and do our best to keep Ambrose off the streets and out of the pool halls.  No doubt Liz, Ed and young Ambrose and Cate (Ambrose and Maureen’s youngest daughter) and her husband Adam will do even more.

This week, we’ll offer no recipe – just thanks for the joys of the season and acceptance of the sadness of losing someone mingled with the joy of knowing that her life was well spent.  Maureen’s legacy will persist in the memory and lives of children, grandchildren, family and friends.

Christmas Chihuahua

Rusty, unable to pull his weight with the reindeer, his lifelong ambition, was sent home for Christmas, but given a nice cap by way of consolation.