June 22, 2015

What we cooked last week:

Monday: Cornell Chicken / Charred Broccoli with Pecorino and Lemon /App of green beans w/ mustard
Tuesday: Sausage and escarole soup w/ naked pizza
Wednesday: Bourbon-brined chops with charred broccoli – ricotta w/ crudité
Thursday: Bill out with drinking buddies
Friday: Kathleen Welsh cocktail party
Saturday: Pulled-smoke-pork sandwiches, coleslaw and corn / Ricotta with crudités and toasted baguette
Sunday: Grilled clams / Grilled Haloumi and charred green beans

Once again, I’m going to back a week because you have to know about this simple, but spectacular way to grill swordfish. A week ago, Saturday, in spite of the rain, we tried this recipe from “Feeding the Fire,” a book by Joe Carroll, a back-yard griller who now owns 4 restaurants in Philly and Brooklyn and whose book inspired me to lobby She Who Must Be Obeyed for a smoker. Joe calls this “Grilled Swordfish Steak with Wine-Bottle Sauce.” Since charcoal grilling on the deck was out of the question, I cooked this in a grill pan on the stove and it was outstanding – the quick sauce (drink half a bottle of acidic white wine, add olive oil and lemon juice to the remainder, shake to emulsify and douse your swordfish) was worth the price of the book. DON’T OVERCOOK THE SWORDFISH – TGI Friday’s or any chain restaurant can do that for you and then you can you’re your friends how sophisticated you are by sending back the overcooked swordfish. This is far superior to overcooking the fish yourself and having your guests politely mumble “the fish is good,” while thinking that you are not fit to boil an egg. Note: If you are eating at TGI Friday’s, your ability to impress anybody with your level of sophistication will be severely impaired.

We have begun the experiment in smoking – starting with a pork shoulder on Friday – it took way longer than planned and had to be finished off in the oven on Saturday. But, in spite of Sally, I mean Beez, critical evaluation, she, Billy and I ate all of the pulled-pork which resulted. I’m going master this technique, sooner or later. Beez is hoping this doesn’t take me as long as it did to figure out pizza – she does not agree with me that that consuming lots of overcooked, spicy pork is God’s work, and says it’s more like Friar Tuck’s.

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