June 8, 2015

What we cooked last week:

Monday: Gamberetti dall’ Adriatica – Caprese appetizer – boiled corn
Tuesday: Pan-seared tuna with avocado, soy, ginger and lime. Roasted asparagus. Fagioli All’ Uccelito bruchetta.
Wednesday: Scallops with Pea Puree – salad
Friday: Soft-shell crabs, Green salad
Saturday: Boo White’s wedding
Sunday: Brunch of shrimp and grits – wickedly good recipe from Bobbi Flay with lots of bacon and cheese in the grits. Hard to walk after this.

We spent last week in Stone Harbor at Mary Anne and Hoddy’s wonderful place (not sure how we can ever pay them back for their generosity) and had the finest week of Jersey Shore weather I can remember: cool nights, sunny days, with a great visit from Andrew and Julia and Rusty, and on Sunday our good friends, Mauri and Lindsey Chesborough.

We were at the shore to attend the wedding of Boo White and Kara Jordan. The reception was at the Reeds – the new hotel in Stone Harbor – and the food was very good.* Boo is an old friend of Andrew’s and a great kid and Kara is tall, blonde and beautiful. In fact, the wedding party was filled with tall, blonde and beautiful women and one tall, grey and beautiful woman, Barbara. It reminded beautiful sunset over the bay.

*Generally, given the quality of the seafood and produce and the local restaurants, I would suggest that you cook for yourself in Stone Harbor, but The Reeds, both its casual dining on a deck over the bay, and its white-table cloth “Sax” restaurant, is worth checking out.

If I lived at the seashore, I would be dead from Mercury poisoning within a month given the quantity of shrimp, tuna and soft-shells we consumed. On Sunday morning we sent Andrew and Julia off with a brunch of shrimp and grits that was so rich that I felt I couldn’t eat anything more for a week. But I broke down and had lunch and drinks at the Windrift and then dinner and drinks and …

The keeper of the week was Shrimp and Grits – a wickedly good recipe from Bobbi Flay – has lots of bacon and cheese (i.e., taste) in the grits. Feeling very much like a Melville character after this meal (the whale), I paid a local kid to wheel me to the beach in a barrow. Beez was not happy about this, but the next morning another kid showed up with a tandem bike and an enterprising young man hauled a rickshaw to the front drive. I think they’re beginning to accept us for who we are down here.

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