May 11, 2015

What we cooked last week:

Monday: Garden Vegetable soup
Tuesday: Dinner at Atria’s – a mistake.
Wednesday: Chicken Provencale
Thursday: Left-over Garden Vegetable soup with pannini
Friday: Salmon with Pea Pesto – Oysters on the half-shell
Saturday: Bruschetta w/ sautéed mushrooms or tapenade or prosciutto
Skirt steak with chimichurri, biyaldi
Cheese w/ walnuts and raisins
Sunday: Pretty Good Chili – Steve Reichlen

I am late getting out this week’s note, so I’ll just give you the keeper – Steve Reichlein’s “Pretty Good Chili” – this is great stuff: deeply, darkly sapid.   I wanted to put on some spurs and drive a herd of long-horns to Montana. The recipe in his “Man-Made Meals” was a bit too watery for us – I’d hold off on 1.5 cups of the chicken broth. (You could, alternatively, give up the beer – but it, along with bitter-sweet chocolate – adds serious flavor to the mix). You should also use the maximum number of jalapenos and at least two more tablespoons of chili powder and more Tabasco than he calls for, if you like a spicy chili. The flavor of this dish builds over time – we ate it the day it was made, but by the next day it was better and it was still good over rice on the day after the day after. Wait a minute – is today Thursday?

This is a short cooking week because of business and social obligations – I’ll get back to you on Sunday with a new set of menus, if I survive the weekend’s festivities.

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