May 4, 2015

Monday: Asparagus Tart w/ arugula and spring pea salad (we needed to detox fro last night’s umami burgers)
Tuesday: Chicken Korma w/ citrus salad (I am determined that Barbara will learn to like)
Thursday: Ribs again (we have a rack left over from Saturday), cole slaw, beans, etc.
Friday: Whole Roasted Red Snapper w/ Thai spices and coconut rice
Oyster and Sea Lettuce Salad
Saturday: Dinner at the Slavishes
Sunday: Roasted Asparagus and Prosciutto with Fried Egg

The menus got fairly scrambled last week, but we ended up with two superb dishes – real keepers.

Asparagus tart – I have a serious crush on asparagus – it can be woody and it is easy to overwhelm it with too much oil and smoke on the grill or too much hollandaise or too much cooking – but the asparagus tart we had on Monday is something I could eat every day of my life until the Speech Pathologist puts me on thickened liquids. In my typical spontaneous (Beez might call it half-assed) manner, I mistook the Filo dough in the freezer for puff pastry (there were crumbs everywhere). But the key to this dish is the seasoned egg and mascarpone mixture on which the asparagus sits as it cooks, creating a sort of savory asparagus custard. I may never get around to using the puff pastry – that would make it too much of a good thing.

On Saturday we dined at the Slavishes – great pork loin, salad, etc. and a perfect night for cocktails on the Slavish lawn – no bugs, plenty of stars, wine and scotch. After 62 or so years, you might think that Hilda and Beez would have run out of things to talk about, but then you would be 100%, absolutely, 180 degrees, dead wrong).

And Sunday turned out to be Mother’s Day – something I totally ignored when planning the menus. Mother’s Day means brunch at our house – often a fairly late brunch – nothing at all begun until after 11 o’clock Mass. So it was that we had perhaps the most luxurious meal of the last few months yesterday afternoon, at about 2:30 p.m. – Roasted asparagus and prosciutto drizzled with hollandaise and topped with a perfect fried egg (set white and runny yolk). The asparagus and prosciutto are directly from a recipe by Ina Garten and the egg makes a very good dish spectacular. (I also made Steve Reichlen’s “Drop Biscuits” but added some Crème Fraiche to the batter since I didn’t have heavy cream. You could run your own chuck wagon with these biscuits)

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